The Lucky Stars BOM has been quite challenging, but not in the way I expected it to be. The first practice block wouldn’t have taken so much time if I had read the directions first on how to properly put the sections together. The paper piecing portion wasn’t bad at all, and I was hooked right away because everything tends to be straight and exact, something I wish I didn’t love so much.

The biggest challenge I have right now is picking out colors/prints that coordinate and “pop”. It’s not like picking out stuff in the same fashion you choose your outfit every morning…purple, blue and black are great for my complexion, but I guess not so much for a quilt block. I think I’m learning that contrast is better than coordination; if I have a shirt with pink and orange swirls, I would probably pick pink earrings or an orange bracelet. If it were an orange center to a block, I guess I’m supposed to pick blue accents around it? Oh man have I got a lot to learn.

Oh well. It’s still quite a fun process 🙂 Hopefully I can continue to use the same bundle I purchased for the rest of the Lucky Stars blocks because ideally I would like to use them all in the same quilt.

Without further ado:

The prints are from the Tree of Life bundle, and the solids are all Kona