Hey… yeah, so about the last year…or so. 

The good:

  • fell in love with my husband more and more every day (sorry, gag)
  • lost 45 lbs*
  • made some awesome quilty things
  • got another work promotion
  • had an amazing 33rd birthdayweek
  • got a new dog, a lab named Lana (alanabanana, stinky dog, and HEY also seem to work)
  • moved into a sweet new pad on the 4th floor with awesome views of Denver & the mountains
  • rode my cruiser down the Platte River path a lot
  • joined a kickball league (excuse to get new sneakers)
  • completed my Master’s degree and walked in graduation
  • discovered some great local wineries
  • made new friends

The bad:

  • *gained 40 lbs back
  • work basically owned me
  • still no babies
  • my beloved Molly dog died (on hub’s bday no less)

Yeah, so.. you’re basically caught up. 

More quilty things to come – maybe even later today 🙂